HereLink Software Bug Reporting

I was wondering who is working on the herelink software? We are looking at putting HereLink as an option for our future products, but in my recent testing there are quite a few software bugs that I have found that would need to be fixed before this can even be considered (many of them are very simple fixes). I know the software is still early in development, I mostly need to make sure that there is a path forward and that some of the bigger bugs are being addressed. Is there a known place for reporting HereLink Software bugs or perhaps a developer that I could talk to?


As per the Beta test sticker that shipped on the front screen…
you have arrived at the right place.

We are here every day looking at reports etc.

Just list the issues below in numbered point form, just a simple list of issues to start with, they can be fleshed out in later posts as needed.

You have purchased a beta product, we have been very clear that this product is in early development

Yes, more changes are coming :slight_smile:

I completely understand that this is a beta product I am just very excited where this could go with our current drones :smiley: I have my list of issues in my office and will begin to post them tomorrow :slight_smile:



  1. I was wondering about the home button, there currently seems to be no way to link this to a command as I would expect this would be a good emergency RTL button like on the solo remotes.

  2. when pressing the record button for the first time, the video stream freezes for about 2 seconds, then comes back, but recording has not started. i press the record button a second time, and the video again freezes for 2 seconds, but this time recording will start.

  3. I have an SD card installed in the ground unit, but there seems to be no way to tell the ground unit to save recordings to the sd card instead of to the internal drive.

  4. If I am recording and switch video steams from , the recording stops.

  5. As I will be switching between thermal and RGB cameras often, I almost always need the video stream window open on the main screen, but then i can no longer see my altitude without switching between “values” and video stream. I was wondering if altitude could be integrated into either the top bar, or the instrument display. Also if a button could be mapped to switching video streams.

  6. It would be nice if there was a way for my to use the scroll wheel for multiple functions, for example using the scroll wheel to move the gimble up and down, but if i press/hold the top right camera button, the scroll wheel now controls a separate channel for camera zoom.

  7. I seem to have difficulty caching offline maps. I have tried setting up small areas to test caching, but the download seems freeze about halfway through each time I have tried.

  1. Also I was wondering how difficult it would be to allow a second app installed on the device, we currently have an app that fuses together local weather, laanc maps, and notams. Making it a good place to start for our operators before they start flying. Currently they just pull the app up on their phone as part of their preflight checklist, but if there was a way to integrate it onto the herelink that would just be cool. :slight_smile:

Let’s start at the end…

  1. You can sideload anything you have an apk for, but do so only at your own risk. We cannot guarantee anything once a third party app is added
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Just to confirm… you are on latest firmware version?

  1. @sidbh?

  2. I like this idea… @sidbh please add this to the future feature wish list

  3. QGC is open, so pull requests are welcome if you happen to have a software guy available to you. If not, a bit more detail as to exactly how this needs to happen? We will be moving to Solex as the main app for HereLink, it has a better layout in my opinion for this.

  4. Know bug…

  5. The recording is in the air unit. Adding the feature to auto transfer this in available bandwidth to the controller and SD is what you are asking?

  6. @sidbh?

  7. Setting up the home button?

Adding on to your #11, would it be possible to record the video from the ground unit end, as a form of black box info. Seeing the last view from fpv can be helpful to locate a crashed (or landed in an unfamiliar area) vehicle.

There are android apps for doing screen recording… one of these would be best for that.

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Telemetry logs on the controller will give you the last known location

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yes i am on the latest firmware.

I am looking forward to the solex app. is there an estimated release for this, nothing precise, mostly i am wondering if we are looking at days weeks for months.

I am a little confused about the “recording is in the air unit” please explain this a little more. After I finish a recording, I plug the ground unit into the computer via usb, navigate to the qgroundcontrol/video folder and my videos are there.

as for the home button, is there already a process for setting this up, at the moment it appears to have no functionality that i have noticed so far.

@sidbh home button?

As far as Solex… we are rewriting some video drivers to improve latency for third party apps. Once this is done, we can get Solex into HereLink. No timeline yet sorry

Can you explain how the videos are recorded onto the air unit, and how they are supposed to be retrieved, as I was saying, I was able to find my videos on the ground unit so I was confused about this.

@sidbh, can you please explain the mechanism?

I am still looking for some clarity on how videos are saved

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