Herelink/Solex Proximity sensor support

Any plans to include support for proximity sensors in Solex @kellyschrock ? Something like MPs proximity window overlayed on the map would be trick, or even displayed in the HUD overlay?

I actually just took delivery of a proximity sensor for testing, and will be putting this in Solex soon. I had it working in SITL, but someone with a real sensor told me it wasn’t working properly for them. So I got the same sensor for myself and I’m going to hook it up and try it here to see what’s going on. :slight_smile:

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Awesome, I have a Terra Tower EVO 360 set up and working here, happy to test.

We recently worked on proximity sensing and object avoidance. Thanks to a coding superman, the arducopter code has been improved and will merge soon to stable version.
@kellyschrock, something that could be pretty cool would be to get a kind of little window (like on QGC) where we can display specific selected datas (and why not, being able modify them)

Yeah, I’m thinking of a little view at the top of the video screen that shows sensor output expressed as a distance, changing colors depending on how close the readings are. I’d like to know what you’re interested in modifying in this data. I’m sure I could do that.

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An exemple i recently had for drones that must fly close from structures (inspection or spraying liquids on buildings). We use object avoidance to keep it from the structure. It would be cool to be to be able to display the distance from the front wall and be able to edit and change this distance (AVOID_MARGIN) in flight . And why not displaying a second lidar oriented downward to display the real altitude from ground and or having the total consumption and voltage (or any useful info) always on screen.

Exactly what this setup is designed to do, spraying next to cliff faces.