HereLink Solex Video Stuck


After the update, using Solex, the video is very unestable. I have all kind of behavor. This are some screenshots. Is is on my home.
If i use QGC, video its ok.

Any Idea?


This will all be improved on the next release.

In the meantime force close QGC from the App menu in settings. This should help.

thanks… QGC is always close when I did this…

Any other recomendation?

The next release will be…

Hopefully this week

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I have the same problems, I subscribe to this thread.

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I have discovered a way to make the video coming back in when it freezes: just go out to the main menu and re enter the vehicle screen.

However, I am experiencing a lot of Solex application crashes. The device tells me if I want to close the application or wait. That happened to me many times during my last 2 flight tets (first ones using Solex).

Please wait till the next update this should be massively improved.

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I think that I have discovered another bug. I am trying to assign one button to channel 9, so I set short press C to set servo 1000 and long press C to set servo 2000 expecting in that way to have Chanel 9 low (1000) or high (2000).

However, when I try to press button C the controller says: Set Servo, but in Mission planer RC calibration tab I cannot see channel 9 moving at all. I want to trigger autotune mode, but it is being impossible.


The RC Tab is Sbus and not related to the servo channels.

When you set Servo 9 in Solex TX that will equate to Aux 1 on the Cube.

The RC Screen will only ever relate to Sbus programming and not Mavlink Servo controls.

You can map motor outputs 1-8 via the servo screen. Aux 1-6 are already mapped to Servo 9-14 in Mavlink but this can be changed.