Herelink SSH or Ethernet

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I have a specific project which consist to get video from a camera module connected to a Jetson Nano.
This system is on a drone, and will send through Herelink a video feed via a gstreamer pipe.
This pipe will be received on a ground PC.
The PC will pilot the camera ISP (Image Signal Processing) through SSH which send I2C command to the ISP.


Is it possible to send through Ethernet a gstreamer pipe from the drone to the ground ?
Is it possible to send I2C commands from the ground to the drone through Ethernet with Herelink ?

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Basically the USB Tether on the HereLink creates a virtual ethernet interface on the PC. This is how the UDP Mavlink packets and the RTSP image stream are transported.

I use a similar system with a Nvidia XAVIER NX connected to the Air Unit and the resulting image is received on the GCS tethered to the HereLink unit USB port.

As for the I2C command, I guess you can SSH to the Jetson NANO and connect to the I2C bus for this ?

Edit: As for communication with the NANO, a compromise would be to pass the commands through MAVLINK and extract these to pass end result to I2C. Another option is to decode the SBUS messages from the second SBUS port that is receiving commands directly from herelink buttons, Then is is a matter of mapping buttons to commands.

Hello Patrick,
Thanks for your kind answer, I appreciate a lot !
Ok, so the Nano can be connected with the air unit (HDMI I suppose), and receive the gstreamer pipe on ground through the GCS theter. If yes, good news !
According to the I2C send from the PC to the Air unit -> Nano, I guess there is no problem at all to achieve that point, according what you wrote.
I will do some tests, and see what’s happen here.
One more time, thank you for your help and support.

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Looks like a very interesting option.
I just connected the air unit to my UBUNTU and the OTG is mapping a USB mass storage drive (as for firmware update) with no network assigned.

Connecting to the HereLink unit, the Windows PC is just mapping the network on 192.168.42.X

Can you elaborate alittle more how you achieved bridging ?

Ah… you litteraly mean an external Ethernet Dongle connected to each units ?

Ok, and the Video and Mavlink streams will continue to work on the 192.168.42.x which in that cases becomes innaccessible on the Herelink side because of the dongle already connected but can it be sreamed through the hotspot on the 192.168.43.X then ?

@Michael_Oborne your comments please

Yeah, right on the bridged network you can pass on whatever flavor of gstreamer you’d like :slight_smile:

Cool, I will experiment with this and report back .
Thanks @HighFreq71

Hello guys,
Thanks for your feedback, it is really useful !
I will test the subnet solution one I’ll receive the Herelink and dongles.
One more time, thanks for your support.
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No, I could’nt find USB2 Dongles , I just have USB3 C type on hand.

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