Herelink Stick Control Not Responding


I am getting no stick response from my Herelink unit to my drone.
I purchased my Herelink back in December and have not actually use it yet. Just getting back to it I recently did a firmware upgrade to the Herelink unit and ground control. After performing the firmware upgrade I calibrated the sticks and wheel of the Herelink unit and also calibrated my transmitter through the Herelink. The Herelink unit is linked to the ground control and all wires are connected. The bus cable is connected to the Sbus port on my Kore controller board. I have set the parameters in mission planner for telemetry1 to Mavlink2 and the board rate to 5700. I am getting telemetry at the herelink but for some reason the sticks are still not responding to arm the motors. I can arm the motors by the touch screen on herelink but again get no response from the sticks at all.

Your help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Before doing Anything else can you create a bug report as per the below and post it here for

Can you confirm your calibrating the sticks as per the process in the docs ?

Hello Michael

I have the same problem. My controller was working perfectly, sticks and everything, before the new firmware update. Now my sticks are not responding at all.

Hope you have more luck than I did.

I Finally got it to work. After rebooting my controller and directly connecting to the S-bus port on my controller. I also disconnected my main receiver. Can’t run both in parallel.

Thanks Ian!!