HereLink stuck at cube on boot

Everything was working great with my HereLink, but for some reason it’s now stuck at the Cube boot screen.
I can get it into Fastboot mode. I can re-install the latest firmware, but it always returns to the little cube in the middle of a black screen when booting.
It responds to the power button, and turns off if I hold it long enough.

Is there a way to do a hard reset or anything similar?

EDIT: I have used the Android ADB to install custom ROMs on Android phones and things like that before. Is there any way you could get me a file to try and reload on the HereLink to reset the bootloader or whatever might be hanging at the boot?
Thank you!

This is what the screen looks like.

Can you try to run the flasher in console instead of double-clicking it, so that we could see the messages?

The flasher should be able to completely reset your device back to default.