Herelink stuck in boot screen


We have a Herelink that does not manage to boot. It is stuck on the cubepilot screen as it can be seen in the attached image!
TWCQ4190_Moment|690x390 .

How can we solve this? Anyone has a similar problem?

Thank you in advance!

What did you do with your herelink before this issue appeared?
You can try this procedure and flash your firmware

Thank you, that seemed to have solved the problem. It happened while trying to download maps with a mobile wifi network. However, now the remote does not connect, do I need to pair it again with the air unit? I have not tried since it is not easily accessible.

Thank you for your time

Yes, please pair the airunit again.

And makesure your airunit and controller both use latest firmware

It was finally solved, the solution was also updating the air unit and pairing again the controller with it.

Thank you for your support!