HereLink support for WiFi channels in the U-NII-3 band

I currently have a HereLink with EU firmware. Like all HerLinks the wifi only works in the 5.8Ghz band, and not on all channels, it only sees wifi networks that are on channels below 140. It does not support the U-NII-3 band, which corresponds to channels 149 to 165.

The problem I have is that all my smartphones that do the hotspot in the 5.8ghz band do it in these upper channels of the U-NII-3 band. So it is impossible for me to give internet to the Herelink when I am in the field because it does not see any wifi network that I can generate with my smartphones.

I have also tested with several mobile devices, and if they are able to create a hotspot on the 5.8Ghz band, they usually do it on these U-NII-3 band channels. The only way I have to connect it to the Internet is through my home wifi where I can choose the channel.

Is there any way to change this? I had thought about reinstalling the firmware and choosing China as the region, where the U-NII-3 band is used. But my question is if this will have any effect? I know that the power with which it emits in 2.4Ghz is affected by the region to use.

But if I change the firmware region to China this will unlock the 5.8Ghz U-NII-3 band?

I would appreciate any feedback.

There is no such thing. The firmware are all same.

Try to change the RF authentication setting to another region. Then change it back and reboot. The region can affect what wifi frequency are scanned.

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Thank you for the quick response.

As for the firmware I was referring to the region that you have to select in the firmware update process. I thought the one you select has some effect afterwards.

Finally, how exactly can I change the RF authentication setting to another region? From which menu? The only country selection I can see is in the radio settings.

Is that it?

Thanks for your help

yes. This is it. Try to change it to US, reboot, then change it back to EU.

It worked!! Thank you very much for your help.