HereLink - TAKEOFF Flight Mode Missing

I’m not seeing TAKEOFF in the HereLink flight modes list.

How are you getting around this?

I can set it up in MP and assign it to my mode switch. Just says “Unknown” in the HereLink.

I use minimal flightplan for takeoff. Flightplan with just takeoff and landing waypoints. Once in the air, switcing flight mode to FBWB or CRUISE.

But do we need to actually plan a mission for the new Takeoff flight mode?

Nobody can seem to provide a clear answer on this.

I’ve tried forums, FB, YouTube, etc. and nobody can seem to answer it.

With APM new version, take off mode is independent mode, no need waypoint (enter auto mode).
Read describe in this clip.

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Right, but the latest HereLink firmware doesn’t have TAKEOFF flight mode in the flight modes list.

Iv not tested this yet but can it be added as a custom Mavlink Command as Solex supports that. I’m just having a look into it now

Your question was anwsered clearly!

Is there a way to get it in the flight modes list in Solex now?

It’s been requested. You could try the custom Mavlink command option but I have not tested that my self yet.

Any update on this ?

I had to disable the “Solo” voice option

I mean on QgroundControl App as a button or option on scroll down menu