Herelink telemetry data via ios app px4

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Welcome to my first post! I have the following setup:
-Cube Orange (px4)
-Gremsy t3v3 gimbal
-Ubuntu companion computer
-Herelink system
-Sony a7rm4a

From the ipad I wish to send mavlink messages to the companion computer (via the autopilot). I wish to do this via MAVSDK-Swift, since I also use MAVSDK for communication between the cube orange and companion computer.

My question is how I can send this telemetry data from the ipad, preferably via usb tethering. Is this possible? And if so, where to start? Any help is welcome!

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You can connect your ipad to 5G wifi through herelilnk hotspot to commnunicate with your cube.(same as video stream)

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I figured that it would be handy if I were to be a bit more elaborate, since I still have some questions regarding my setup:
-If I run a swift application on my ios app (either mavsdk or my own custom implementation, as here). Is the program then a new component in my mavlink network? For now I will assume it has a different system id than the drone.

-Assuming my swift application is a node of my mavlink network, I also think the Herelink ground unit is a node. More specificially, qgc running on the herelink ground unit. I think this has the same systemid as the ipad, right?

-It feels obscure to use qgc as a node that only functions to passthrough mavlink messages from and to the ipad. Is that obscure or a logical way to do it? Would there be other options?

-I want to have a direct mavlink passthrough on the ipad. Therefore, mavsdk will not fulfill my requirements (although it would be an easy start). Is the url mentioned above a good start?

Thanks in advance!