Herelink Throttle Failsafe

Hi guys,

I need your help.

After Take off I get Throttle Failsafe multiple times.
I don’t know if this is a wrong parameter OR Herelink specific settings…

Here is my log files:

Any advice?
Thank you

I noticed after take off that the telemetry signal (Local RSSI) becomes negative for some time(-126) and that executes the Throttle Failsafe.

What are the normal RSSI values for telemetry?
Should I change antenna position?

I have had a look at your log. I noticed your throttle RC channel never went 0, so I am not sure if losing rc signal is the reason.
You may want to set up rssi logging to record the problem if it happens again

I place my antennas at this side of UAV. It’s near the carbon bipod but not in contact.

You may try to swap the orientation of antenna

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