Herelink throttle issue

Hi all I have a rover with the cube orange and herelink. I am having a very strange issue with the throttle. When in manual mode the throttle is reversed automatically while in auto mode goes to the right direction. If I change the parameters and reverse the throttle then in manual goes the right direction while in auto is reversed. Does anyone have a solution for this?
P. S. When I do the calibration of the joystick the right direction is shown on screen up to the point of confirming the calibration, to which point on screen as well the joystick dot move opposite to the direction I move the actual joystick.
Please help.

Rover motor config can be confusing.

Try reversing on Herelink first. Of that down work then turn that off and reverse on mission planner RC screen.

If that doesn’t work reverse the servo outputs from that screen.

It’s a game of playing with everything till it’s right.