Herelink: two air unit and one controller


I have a VTOL setup where i would like to use orange cube, herelink and a nvidia jetson agx nx(companion computer), all inside the VTOL itself.

I would like to know if two air units can send data simultaniously to the controller? I need to have one air unit used for streaming thermal and RGB video, as well as telemetry and control data. While the second one is to send the image processing/ mapping and extra data from the companion computer to the controller.

In case it’s not possible, could you recommend some ideas on how to send the companion computer data to the controller, which ca be around 1mb/s? The 4G dongle won’t really work, since the region might not have internet connection. But rather something over radio?

its not possible in the way yo mention
having 2 air units and 2 gcs units would be,

but the easier solution is likely to add ethernet to the air unit via usb, and then connect the jetson via ethernet, so you can send all the video streams over the link. you would need to tightly control the video bitrates etc though for this to work well.

there is some more info in the forum about using usb ethernet on the air unit

Hi Michael,

Do you think i would be able to send Orthorectified Maps from the jetson using the Ethernet to the air method?

You can send any traffic you want. The issue being you only have a fixed bandwidth to use. And if you are streaming video, this uses alot of that