Herelink UART camera control - HEX commands // HELP?

Hello, i just got my hands on a Herelink that im going to use for wildlife trapcam use with the Z cam E2.
My first test was to get it working with Airpixel Entire R3, however this system does not give me an option to control the menu system, so im lacking quite alot of settings.

The Zcam does have UART control with HEX commands. (Excuse my terminology, im not a coder and just stepping outside my comfort zone). As far as i understand i should be able to send these HEX commands to the camera somehow through the herelink. As i already have video, and can see the menu over the link, i would just want to be able to navigate the Zcam menu.

Is there an easy way to do this?
ive currently also hired a coder to make a third party HTTP API web browser app for the Zcam to control over 4G, the original app was lacking pan tilt control, but was still built into the camera over PELCO D.

This is a separate control system. So before i hire a coder for this, i would like to know if there is something i could do with quite little experience in this field.

The codes look like this. Link for full set of codes.

emulate key (cmd=1, payload=key status)

command example(HEX)
F1 press EA 02 02 01 00
F1 release EA 02 02 01 05
OK press EA 02 02 01 01
OK release EA 02 02 01 06
Menu press EA 02 02 01 15
Menu release EA 02 02 01 16
UP press EA 02 02 01 02
UP release EA 02 02 01 07
DOWN press EA 02 02 01 03
DOWN release EA 02 02 01 08