Herelink update fails

I cannot perform the initial step of the update that Herelink requires when it’s turned on for first time after unpacking it.
Attached is the printscreen when I run the extracted flasher application.
What should I do to make it work?

Sorry mistake

Do I have to wait until the fastboot title disappears from the screen?

Did you unzip everything into a folder, or just clicking the application from zip?

I had to install the drivers that are mentioned in the cubepilot/herelink topic about updating herelink. Everything was updated and worked fine.
I have an other question though. As i was calibrating the joysticks, I had to reverse the throttle/channel 3 function, in order to make “move up left joystick” mean “increase PWM in the throttle channel”.

Why did this happen? Is it normal?

I guess your sbus signal for throttle is reversed (or vice versa).

You can reverse the output by clicking the REV button