Herelink Update timeline

Hi Guys

I’m wondering inf anyone can shed some light on when we are likely to see an update the for herelink?

The reason I ask is I have been running Ardupilot 4.3.2 for a while now, and all is behaving, except the gimbal controls, which I can controll manually (via RC), but as ardupilot has added support for two gimbals in my most recent update, I have lost the mission targeting functions.

I know this is because of a mismatch in in QGC/Solex versions, and the firmware I am running on cube, but manually compiling the latest versions for a special install is sadly beyond me.

I can always roll back the version of Ardupilot that I’m running, but was hoping I can avoid this if possible.

I’m using a herelink V1.0, though as far as I know that shouldn’t affect the firmware version?

Thanks for any info people can give me

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