HereLink use on a Plane

Hi, we are working on a project which will require the use of the HereLink system. The other main components are Cube Blue and Here2. The UAV is a plane. Obviously with the current joystick setup on the HereLink is going to be a problem.

Is there a way to remove one of the springs from the left joystick inside the HereLink Remonte, turning the left joystick into a traditional Mode 2 transmitter unit, where the throttle position is not centered, but can be freely set?

Additionally, the HereLink Air Unit has obviously 2 S.BUS connections. According to the documentation, one is to be connected to the Cube carrier board, and the other to a pan/tilt gimbal. Is this functionality already activated with this latest firmware update? If so, will any gimbal do or is this also gimbal specific?

On the throttle Yes that can be done I have done it my self.

Not currently for the dual Sbus. I would advise the gimbal is controlled via the autopilot Aux outputs rather than Sbus direct. The wheel is mapped to Ch5 currently but the buttons are only Mavlink as of today.

One of the advantages of doing it via the autopilot is you can map the buttons to change the wheel channel for pan and pich via separate Aux channels.

Thanks for the reply. Would you be kind enough to explain the throttle spring procedure? I’ve removed the 2 visible screws from the back and the case seems to still be hard to take apart. Also thanks on the other answer. Much appreciated.

The remote is not easy to get into and note it could/will affect your warranty.

I will be putting a video out on this this week as I keep promising this one and not delivering.

The basics are

Remove the two grips from the remote. These come off by pulling outwards and are held on with adhesive.

Below them are some more screws as well as the ones on the back.

The remote is clipped together and not easy to strip but it will pop apart.

You can then remove the spring from the throttle but note the stick will be very loose.

My advice is also also a a thin spring washer or fibre washer to the other side of the gimbal to give it some stiffness.


Thanks Ian, this is very helpful. I will attempt the procedure today, and report afterwards. Once you have the video up and running can you please also post for reference here a link to it? Thanks Again.


Thanks Ian!

Mission Accomplished! It was deceptively simple once one knows what to do in what order. Also, there was a tiny metal arm connected to the spring which after removing the spring, was freely floating around, and had to also be removed.

Philip, perhaps on the next generation of HereLink remotes, there could have a slight redesign to the joysticks? Perhaps an approach similar to the Jeti or Spektrum remotes, where the spring can be removed or added and a tiny screw can be tightened or loosened to control the tightness of the joystick when not in spring mode?

Thanks Again!

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