HereLink V1.1 air to air telemetry issue

Hi all,
I am using HereLink V1.1 air unit to air unit configuration, Cube orange connected to the UART port, RPI and IP camera connected to the ETH port. I performed the procedure as described in the documentation here.
Everything was working just fine, I was able to connect to the telemetry via Mission Planner, see video stream from the camera and get information from RPI. At some point for a reason I still trying to figure out, I am unable to get telemetry data. As the documentation describes, I change the computer’s IP to, setting the Mission planner to connect through ‘UDPCl’, Target IP is with port 14552. I do get a connected sign, the software fetches only the HereLink parameters, and no telemetry :sweat:
Any thoughts on what could cause this?

Did you follow this document?
Connecting to Mission Planner - CubePilot.

As I described, I am not using the typical configuration of the HereLink system. I am using two air units one of them is configured to be a ground unit. The document you linked is relevant only for the standard air unit to ground unit configuration.