Herelink V1.1 ETH stopped working

Hi all,

We’ve been using herelink 1.1 along with SIYI ethernet cameras for a few months now.
A couple of months ago one of our AIR units stopped outputting ETH video while HDMI video continued to work fine.

The air unit was replaced but the issue happened again, while in flight video cut out and even after multiple attempts to restart the system it still won’t show any video from the ETH port - HDMI still works fine which is baffling.

What we’ve tried:

  1. Updating the air unit and RC to latest firmware
  2. Changing the ETH cable
  3. Trying a spare ETH camera

The camera used is a ZR10 from SIYI along with SIYI QGC.

Please find the attached debug logs below: (1.3 MB)

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