Herelink v1.1 Ethernet setup problem

Hi Everyone,

We noticed that Herelink v1.1 have support for ethernet so we got one and couldn’t get it to work.
There is no documentation on it either…

Here is what we are trying to do,


We are trying to establish a connection from [a laptop connected to the herelink ground unit through wifi], to the [companion computer connected to the drone side air unit via the new ethernet port].

The goal is to allow ground side computer to send simple commands/ ssh into companion computer.

The current network setup, IPs are illustrated as below:


As illustrated above, I tried to ping every device from each end. This is what I have observed.

From ground side laptop (D) as

can ping [Herelink Ground unit (C) ]
can ping [Herelink Ground unit (C) ]
can ping [Drone side air unit (B) ]
cannot ping [Companion computer (A) ]

From companion computer (A) as

can ping [Drone side air unit (B) ]
can ping [Herelink Ground unit (C) ]
cannot ping [Herelink Ground unit (C) ] //Network is unreachable
cannot ping [Ground side laptop (D) ] //Network is unreachable

Any hint on how to fix it would be greatly appreciated. This is as far as I can go right now.
Thank you.


@Michael_Oborne would you mind guiding me on this? Thank you.
(Also sorry for directly tagging)

Please let me know if this is possible, if yes, what should be changed in where. Thank you!

Set a default gateway on the air side companion computer. Ie

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Can confirmed working after setting this up.

using rsync to transfer a large file to test its network speed yields ~175Kb/s
(Obviously it is not meat for large file transfer, but it should be enough for sending commands and stuff)

Thank you @Michael_Oborne

the link is asymmetric. from air to gnd is 16mbit. from gnd to air is alot less.


Sorry the bug report isn’t working when the entire ground unit has frozen and restarts whenever it wants. this is a problem that I can’t use the normal report. I don’t have any email in the link you send, can you provide one? this bug report was created when we had the unit connected to a laptop.

Hi @Michael_Oborne,
I am having the same problem where I am connected to the ground unit over the hotspot. Except I can not ping from the ground side computer

My ground unit is on version RU01230629.

Is there anything I can try or any logs I can get you?