Herelink V1.1 Nextvision

HI All

I need help with Mavlink to mission planner via a hotspot using the ethernet port on the new v1.1 Herelink Air module connected to a nextvision trip2 tracking unit. I managed to get video and telemetery working on the controller but need this to display on CCA2 on the Laptop. with previous configurations ive managed to get it working using Skydroid even if i loose all the telemetry data and video on the controller. The sole plan is to setup a groundstation so the Herelink would only act a central network hub.

Im sure it just my IP setup that needs assisting.

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What is the current IP setup you have?

in general have your GCS and trip on so say GCS trip, set the trip remote communication ip to the GCS

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Hi Guyzoler

Its working perfectly now. Thanks you.