Herelink Version and scheduled update

I’m a little concerned about the speed of herelink update. QGC now is over v4.xx and is a way better app than 3.5 version provided with actual herelink stable version. When is planned the update?

There is a new update coming soon

and it contains the QGC 4.0.8

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Amazing. Air module update OTA will be handfuls. Is it already in beta channel or not?

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Does it contain major Solex version upgrade also?

What do you mean by major ? @kellyschrock makes changes as needed and their is some worm to be done around how the new video options will work in the future but Kelly is the man for that one.

I mean that Herelink Solex app got last updated in July 2020 and has version number of 1.0.0. Android store has Solex 2.0.8 and it has quite regular updates there. Perhaps Herelink Solex has completely different tree and version numbering - but it would be nice to see more frequent Herelink software updates, including updates to Solex app, than once a year. For my own use cases current Herelink Solex app is missing support for some Arduplane flight modes (Quadplane modes to be more precise) - and video streaming functionality has not been stable.