HereLink Video Feed & RC Functionality


I’m interested in using the here link with my own software on the transmitter.

I have a few questions regarding the functionality

  1. Do we need to use the QGroundControl App to use the transmitter?

  2. Do we have full use of the RC system with QGRoundControl running? e.g. on the Spektrum DX12 (has android integrated). The RC functionality works almost as soon as the controller turns on (takes a few seconds) which allows me to drive a platform without having to wait 1 min for android to boot up.

  3. IS there an API that we can tap into? If so where?

4.IS the video feed only working in QGroundControl? IS there an API to access the video feed?

  1. Can the video feed transmit screen output from a computer (e.g. like a Raspberry pi or SBC’s hdmi port) so we can see the status of the computer?


Hi Esa, welcome to the CubePilot forums
1 NO, QGC is one option, it will be the first of multiple options, with Solex coming next
2. Yes, The RC system runs at a very low level, so QGC failing has no effect on the RC link. However, you still need to wait for the initial bootup for RC to work.
3. Not as such yet, but the code for QGC is public (including the special version used on herelink) as such, you can use that as a reference
4. Video is available outside of QGC, yes, but it is a little complex at the moment.
5. video can be streamed to a second computer, so yes, in theory.

please note that at this time we will not however be able to offer individual support for this, and we will not be responsible in any way for any modifications to the system. We cannot guarantee its stability with any changes.

Herelink is not locked, so you can hack away! enjoy!

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