Herelink Video Issues

I own around 6 or 7 Herelink systems now and have had continuous video stability issues with all.

I’ve tried numerous HDMI cable types and have found the SmallHD cables to be a bit more consistent than others. That said, even if I can get a good video signal, I can barely touch the cable ends and the video goes nuts, most of which I cannot get it back even after several full system restarts.

I’m to the point of last resorts with these systems and need to get this figured out so I can put these systems to work next month.

My ground units are on firmware SRU01200616 and air units are on latest (from months ago)

I’m mainly testing with the Sony A6500 and the GoPro Hero 6 for now. I do have a couple of airplanes that I’ve flown with the Hero 6 with success a few times.

What is the next step to get this resolved? How do I pull logs from the air unit? Who can review them?

I’m re-flashing the air unit now


Here is a video of what is going on. I had decent luck during this test. The video cut short because my phone ran out of storage but I had to reboot the entire system twice to get it working again:

Herelink bug report is here:

Mark, can you test this app?

How do I install this?

enable developer mode
plug in usb
install adb if you dont have it already

adb install nameoftheapk.apk

Hello Michael, what your app should do? Could it be used just a video viewer? I need such an app which just does pure video displaying without any other icons on screen. Thank you!

yes, its a video viewer app, and nothing else

The video connection is more stable in the viewer.


thanks for the test. that is what i wanted to confirm

Is there a way to incorporate this stability into Solex?

What are my options? This machine is dead with respect to video streaming until this is resolved.

Sorry, the new year break has slowed things down a fair bit. @kellyschrock i believe is looking into this
my main test was to ensure the hardware was working correctly.

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Hi Mark, we are testing a new version of solex that should resolve these video stability issues

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Thanks. All of my Herelink builds are grounded until it’s stable.

Is this ready?


I am new to Herelink. Your video viewer app APP is exactly what I was looking for. I enabled developer mode but how to install the apk file? Is it also possible from a Mac?

enable developer mode
make sure adb works > adb devices
adb install missionplanner.apk