Herelink video picture is shaking

I have the problem with the image transfer. The picture is shaking. Originally I took the 12V for the herelink from the Kopter power supply. Now I have taken a separate 3s lipo and still trembles the picture.
What could be the cause for this?

if it shakes while flying, then it is most likely due to vibration

no it is shaking when the copter is on the ground

and you can confirm that the feed is not shaking when you connect the same camera in the same setup directly to a monitor?

yes, nothing is shaking. the motors are disarmed

Why is this deleted?

dropbox video does not work, so I uploaded a youtube video

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Mmm, looks to be cable or connector related to me.

I have now connected my Flir camera to the hdmi port 2 and mounted the video transmitter at another position on the copter. I have also removed the antennas from the landing legs and I have them now mounted on a separate bracket with 15 degrees angle. now the picture is much better. Who is actually the investor of the herlink or which company? 3DXR or CubePilot?

Maybe the hdmi port 1 does not work correctly?

The product is ours…
Have you tried hdmi2?

HDMI 2 works :+1:t2:

Probably could get better antenna performance too if they weren’t mounted to CF brackets

Oh dear!!! Yep, not acceptable at all!