Herelink video stream via rtsp take 30 sec to come

Dear all,

two question:

  1. I have wrote my own application for herelink remote control.
    since there is not enough buttons, I wrote my own GCS with virtual joystick to control the camera.

I using android with VLC to achieve it.
but it’s take 30 seconds till video is start to stream.

  1. what is the rtsp for displaying HDMI 2?


If you’re seeing long lag times like this with RTSP, it’s because the buffers for the data are too large. Most RTSP clients prioritize smooth playback of video with no dropouts, which can be achieved by using large buffers. The tradeoff is longer latency. If there is a way to reduce the size of the buffers VLC is using, that will make a difference in latency.

fixed the buffering, now working :slight_smile: thanks for the tip

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