Herelink Video Streaming not working

Dear all,

we have a Herelink HD on which we’ve done a firmware update to the latest one, but we are not able to get a video stream.


  • Air unit connected to 5V power supply
  • Yi Camera 1080p White or GoPro 3+ (HDMI Signals verified with a HDMI Screen)
  • Tested in HDMI1 & HDMI2

Any idea how to solve the issue?

Have you tried both, Solex and QGC?

I’ve just tried but getting the Error “Video not supported”

Any other idea how to solve the issue?

In my case, streaming worked with QGC (you have to wait a bit for the stream to start / maybe restart your camera while QGC is running) but not with Solex (Error: “Video not supported”).

Connecting a running flight controller to the air receiver (UART air unit <-> Telem1 Cube Orange) “solved” the problem for me -> No Error in Solex anymore.

Anyway, 5V seems to be to minimum voltage, use something between 7-10 V.

I’ve increased the power to 7V and reconnected/restartet the camera and system several times but wasn’t able to get a Video stream. Do you have any other idea? Picture of my setup attached.IMG_4968

Can you verify if the video output is 30/60fps and in H.264 format?
Some cameras may have multiple output format options

YI Camera is not in the list of supported cameras.