HereLink video transmission without a drone

New here, and I have just received my HereLink, which I knew when purchasing is intended for drone use exclusively. But I’m wanting to use the air unit on a race boat (190+mph) to stream video as the boat is running. Is there any way to do this without a flight controller, or do I simply need to add a flight controller and fool the HereLink air unit and controller into thinking it’s a drone? Maybe there’s an Android app that could be used instead of the bundled drone apps – ?

If you use QGC, it doesn’t require connecting autopilot as Solex does.

Thanks! Herelink has QGC as an option, but it doesn’t allow me to add a vehicle. When I open it I get a message at the top right “Waiting for vehicle connection”. Can I maybe add a “vehicle” in QGC desktop and then transfer that QGC file to the Android Herelink tablet controller?

Waiting for vehicle connection means it has no mavlink system connected. You will need a dummy system which I’m not sure how to do that. Maybe you can ask on Ardupilot forum.

It doesn’t affect the video part so you can ignore it.

If I remember correctly, the vehicle in GCS are save of settings, not an actual vehicle system.

Thanks for your helpful information! We successfuly acheived video transmission yesterday using Solex. Turns out the soultion was to replace the telemetry cable between the Herelink air unit and the Pixhawk. We then did extensive diagnostics on sharing the stream, and so far no luck there. We had the Herelink controller on the same wifi network with a PC, which recognized the controller. But on the PC end we get a “port closed” message when trying to open the stream. We tried with VLC player, which couldn’t locate the stream. I’ve seen some documentation that would seem to suggest a device trying to display the stream needs to be running Mission Planner, but that seems odd to me - true or not? Or is this possibly a port issue? I can’t find anything that shows the ability to select a port for video stream from the Herelink controller. Thanks again for your time helping with this issue!

As long as the player supports rtsp stream

At least QGC, Mission Planner, and VLC will work.

also check out - video display with no other purpose

Helping Jim on this project. We had it up and running but when I scanned the IP address of the device that was connected to my office WiFi it showed no open UDP or TCP ports to connect with. VLC just failed immediately when it did not get an ACK packet. The docs have this warning “Please note that video stream isn’t available until a GCS app enables it, so ensure atleast one GCS app is running in the background with correct stream selected.” It is not clear if this requirement has been met with the current hardware we are testing. Something seems to need to happen to enable the Android based controller to share the video but it is not clear what.

Sean Mathews

From Sean’s post I’m thinking some may get the impression we didn’t have stream share enabled, but we did have that selection made. Seems like we are missing some additional step in the streaming process, or possibly additional software on the receiving end - ? My ultimate goal would be to utilize the Herelink air unit to stream without the Pixhawk, but that seems unlikely so I’m settling for the drone without aircraft option. We have perfectly fine video on the Herelink controller but have not been able to share the stream to any channel or player.

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