Herelink video with Firefly 4k

Hi all,

We currently have two herelinks which have never really played the ball when it comes to video.

I am on Air Unit firmware AU01200226 and ground unit firmware latest
Both flash fine and the controller then asks for an update on wifi which takes about ten minutes to download after which it’s running the latest.

I have also tried beta but that didn’t help with video, all it did was loose button functionality in QGroundcontrol.

I purchased 4 x Hawkeye firefly split 4K cameras from the manufacturer direct to avoid any issues with possible copies etc. I did this off the thread which many have mentioned they are a plug and play.

The cameras have the latest firmware. I have also flashed one of them with an earlier firmware that came reccomended on a thread. But to no avail.

I can’t get any image on stream 1 or stream 2 on solex or QGroundcontrol.

It’s absolutely doing my head in! I have made sure all the camera settings are at 720p minimum. Every time I do select 1080p 30fpm output on the camera controller it goes blank, my computer monitor doesn’t like it. Either does the herelink.

Is there any special settings? HZ? NTSC vs PAL. Most said these cameras work out of the box

Then again I have always found solex finicky even with a go pro. Sometimes having to switch on and off

Anyone have some tips or things I have missed here? It’s a neat controller, but if it doesn’t show video I may as well use an RC with a tablet.

Thanks in advance

I am also having trouble getting a consistent video stream with a hero3+. It never works on initial startup, but every now and then it will start working after I switch back and forth between Qgroundcontrol and Solex and switch between the video feeds and change settings randomly. I’d say I have about a 20% success rate getting it to eventually work so far.

It was also very similar behavior with a firefly Q6. We have 5 herelinks right now and I have tested on three of them, albeit not systematically.

I should also clarify, when It does decide to start working, it works perfect until something is powered down, or an app exited, stream changed ect.

It’s very disappointing that the herelink lacks the support. Initially it had support but it seems firmwares and personal support have gone now.

I will have to move to another system, as the primary use of herelink was a dual FPV system and we can’t even get one video to work!

LOL…you are absolutely correct bro…its a defective design equipment