Herelink wheel moving when I raised throttle

Hello all,
Today I realise that herelink hw whell moving as I was lowering throttle joystick. I have already update to latest firmware and do 1 reset. The problem is still there. Can anyone has same problem? Solution for that? Its hardware or software problem. I attached photo.

Have you completed the hardware calibration yet?

Yes of course. Both joystick and Hardwheel.

Can you show a video Id like to see this, its possible the spring has come free from the clip.

I attached video from the problem.

Hmm that seems more software to me. Very odd.

Have you tried the hardware calibrations from the phone menus ?

Thanks for your help. I just try it with no luck. After I have done more than 10 calibrations it seems the problem to appear more sparsely but Its there. If I moved the stick more than 20 times to lower throttle then the gimbal wheel is starting to move again.

Did you find a solution?

I reset to default and reflash firmware and everything works fine.

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