Herelink - Wi-Fi Hotspot

Hello everyone,

As some of you may have seen in my latest post, I’m building an USV. I’m relatively new to everything so once again I have a question or two for you. :slight_smile:

I saw this video about connecting the Herelink controller to laptop via Wi-Fi (link: 10 Connecting Herelink to Wifi Device - YouTube ).

I am wondering will the same method work if I were to connect Herelink to laptop via USB tethering?
Also, when the guy on the video turned on Wi-Fi hotspot on the Herelink controller, the Wi-Fi symbol turned off (timestamp: 0:11), why and how did the laptop connect to the Herelink controller when there is no internet? Am I missing something?

Once again, I ask you kindly to post your own experiences because they would be of great help

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Yes,you can connect Herelink to laptop via USB.
Please check the following link.

I think he was using the hot spot on controller.(wifi off automatically after turned on hot spot)

Hello Mike,
thank you for your answer, it really helped.
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