Herelink WiFi detection problems

Herelink can’t find specific WiFi networks.

I’m having problems with both of our Herelink controllers.
For some reason, it won’t detect some WiFi hotspots. We’ve tried restarting them, updating, them and so on, but it still doesn’t work. It is mainly mobile hotspots that are giving us trouble.

We are able to connect to our regular WiFi with no problem and also some mobile hotspots. For example, we are not able to connect to the hotspot of a Samsung S20 but with a Pixel 6 everything works just fine. The S20 hotspots never even show up on the list of available networks.

Does anyone else have had this problem?

Hello @Jonas_Vennevold,

I also had the problem, and wasn’t able to solve it. I have already saw more people with this problem in this forum.

I also had issues.
Simple solutions (which do not solve all problems):

  • use a 5.8 GHz network
  • use a low channel, not channels above 40 I think.

to meet regulatry complience, herelink is shipped with only the lower bands enabled.
on the OTA screen/Settings screen there is a drop down to select a region, that can change this.