Herelink Wifi loses connection on newer models [JP]


We are based in Japan and have 7 Herelink sets all ordered from JapanDrones @rmackay9 .
So far, the problem has only occurred on the two newer sets.
We suspect it might have something to do with the newer models’ architecture.
For reference, the five working older models have model numbers beginning with A0106xxx, whereas the newer ones are A0308xxx.

Wifi (5GHz from mobile router) initially connects but randomly loses connection. Usually if we leave the remote unit on and do nothing the connection will hold, but as soon as we use the connection (i.e. 1-5 minutes after connecting to an aircraft or perform an update) it will decide to lose connection at random timings and say “Authentication error” in the Android’s wifi menu.

We are using a Rakuten Mobile SIM card and a NEC mobile router. We are using Outdoors 5GHz (W56, channel 100) and have tried Indoors 5GHz (W52, channel 36) but no luck.

This only happens on the two newer models, though.