Herelink wifi tethering error

have this problem coming along after successfully connect mission planner and video stream via wifi tethering from herelink

has anyone counter same problem?
trying to restart many time, reset network settings, but problem still there
thanks for your help

I have seen this on my Herelink before. But I successfully turned it on after toggling the switch for a few times.
You may try to reflash the firmware with the flasher.

thanks for your response

trying that today, will give update after this
thank you

Hi Alvin
I already flash and update herelink controller and air unit.
wifi tethering works fine

but today I get herelink rebooted inflight, that happened at third flight, first and second flight was good, solid RC dan fpv connection

when reboot, the copter still on loiter mode and do last stick movement (fortunately last stick movement only yaw left) so the copter do unlimited yaw until controller booted up and connected again to aircraft
safely landed after that…

I already activated RC failsafe, but not working
will inspect this later…