Herelink will not pair with air unit

Here link controller will not pair with the air unit. There is no indication of the controller signal strength which we believe is why they will not pair. However, we are unsure why there is no signal strength. The firmware is updated and the air unit has 12v power supply.

Are you saying the frequency tab in Herelink Settings App? That only shows when pairing successfully.

Have you updated both air unit and controller to latest stable?

On the radio tab where it says controller signal strength, there is no values given which made me believe that it was a controller issue. We are trying to now flash both the controller and air unit and see if it is a firmware issue.

We are trying to follow the instructions given on [Solved] Herelink Firmware updated cannot link - #2

However, the link provided to download the latest firmware seems to be broken. Not sure where I can find the newest firmware to download.

The link is broken because it was a 2-years-old latest firmware. It has been removed long ago.

You should now use this: