HereLink with companion computer MAV Router

I’m trying to understand what’s possible with the HereLink.

My current config is Cube (rover), RFD900x radios, uart connection (MavRos) to Jetson Xavier for Guided control.

I haven’t managed to understand how best to use the HereLink and possibly MAV router. Should I install MAV router on the Xavier and use that to direct messages? I’d like the GCS to be able to send MAVLink (MavRos) commands to the Xavier. For example to run a script.

Can anyone please offer any suggestions or advice?


how are things connected currently? and what do you need the herelink to talk to?
ie give me your ideal world, and ill tell you whats possible

herelink can do serial/sbus/ethernet, and already runs a copy of mavlink router

At the moment if I want to interact with my Ros setup on the Xavier I need a separate connection (big outdoor wifi router at the moment).

Ideally I’d like to access the Ros network with the HereLink, but I’m guessing that’s a bit much of an ask. Haven’t seen Android Ros yet! You mentioned Ethernet Michael…if the HereLink is acting as a hotspot for a laptop running Ros could I configure the system to pass Ros data between the Xavier and laptop? Don’t need a lot of data, just some basics like costmap, pose, send new goals.

Thanks Michael :+1:


lets say ive tested herelink with ethernet at both ends, with a laptop connecting to the internet from the air unit. this does require networking knowledge to setup routes/bridges etc

if you can map out your traffic flow and type that would assist.
ie access the the xavier is via vnc? or teamviewer etc?
and the other traffic would need to be from the xavier > ethernet > airunit > remote unit > ethernet or wifi?
ie you can bridge from the remote unit to ethernet fairly easy, but with wifi the remote unit must be in hotspot mode to bridge

Thanks Michael. That gives me some ideas. I’ll give some more thought to how I want to implement my off board control and how data might flow.

I’m still exploring possibilities and learning something new each time I ask a question. Endless rabbit holes!

When I come to a decent plan for talking to the Xavier I’ll get back in touch. It’ll be VNC. TeamViewer is not so good with aarch64.

Thanks again for your thoughts.