Herelink with FPV glasses


I don’t know if any of you had taken the test, but it is possible to display the Herelink screen in Fatshark glasses.

I connected the Herelink to a Ugreen brand usb HDMI converter, the Ugreen converter to an HDMI to AV converter that I connected to a pair of Fatshark SD standby.
It’s been a bit of a gas plant, but it works well with a little bit of latency compared to the Herelink screen, around 0.1 - 0.2 seconds.


yes i was able to get the same result …but before the last update !
are you saying that you get this result with the last firmware ?


I’m still using the old firmware that works for me with QGC.

Today, the three faults that I find at Herelink, are:

  • not having a reliable link with a small FPV camera, the operation of my Firefly camera is random

  • The size of the Air Unit antennas, I would prefer a smaller model, even if it divides the radio range by 3

  • have a more flexible HDMI cable, the original one is too big and rigid, I even broke a plug by connecting it to my camera. I ordered HDMI cables from Small HD in the USA, they are fine, but I got more shipping cost than cable.

Otherwise, I find the Herelink really great !

Thank you to the team for all their efforts !

when you will upgrade your firmware you will lost this possibility …
Now i’m using a pc with a HDMI output …

Faults : 1. why is firefly random ? ( i’m using gopro and i’m waiting for the firefly … )
2. you can remove the plastic cover.
3. my chinese cable works great .