Herelink with FPV glasses


I don’t know if any of you had taken the test, but it is possible to display the Herelink screen in Fatshark glasses.

I connected the Herelink to a Ugreen brand usb HDMI converter, the Ugreen converter to an HDMI to AV converter that I connected to a pair of Fatshark SD standby.
It’s been a bit of a gas plant, but it works well with a little bit of latency compared to the Herelink screen, around 0.1 - 0.2 seconds.


yes i was able to get the same result …but before the last update !
are you saying that you get this result with the last firmware ?


I’m still using the old firmware that works for me with QGC.

Today, the three faults that I find at Herelink, are:

  • not having a reliable link with a small FPV camera, the operation of my Firefly camera is random

  • The size of the Air Unit antennas, I would prefer a smaller model, even if it divides the radio range by 3

  • have a more flexible HDMI cable, the original one is too big and rigid, I even broke a plug by connecting it to my camera. I ordered HDMI cables from Small HD in the USA, they are fine, but I got more shipping cost than cable.

Otherwise, I find the Herelink really great !

Thank you to the team for all their efforts !

when you will upgrade your firmware you will lost this possibility …
Now i’m using a pc with a HDMI output …

Faults : 1. why is firefly random ? ( i’m using gopro and i’m waiting for the firefly … )
2. you can remove the plastic cover.
3. my chinese cable works great .


What firmware are you using? What is needed to turn on the micro USB port to open for video to pass through? I’m having troubles with getting any video.

the last firmware worked with latency.
now with this firmware, the only solution is to use the hotspot … with latency !

Can’t we use bluetooth googles with herelink Bluetooth for convenience ? Wire free ?

No sorry.

dji googles v2 possible?
dealbreaker for me