Herelink (with last firmware) turns off during flight

i bought an Herelink 2 month ago.
I’m happy with the last release. Thanks for that.
Yesterday i have experimented a strange issue, i was doing flying tests,
exterior temperature was 35°C.
About 6/7 mnutes flying , my Herelink remote has turned off during flight.
(fortunately my failsafe config was good!)
I did a second flight 15 mn later, and the same has occured.
Battery level was around 70% the first time and 40% the second time.
2 devices conected by wifi : Laptop for Rtk streaming (Here+) and Tablet for FPV streaming (Rtsp).
THis issue never hapenned with the previous version.
What do you think about this issue , Firmware or Hardware?
Thanks for your help.

@sidbh @Michael_Oborne

need to get a bugreport after it has happened (1.2 MB)

Hello Michael,
Thanks for reply.
Here is the BugReport,

Issue happened on 24-june around 15.00UTC,
2 hotspot connections : W10 laptop/here+ base streaming and
ipad reading rtsp video (VLC)

controller battery level around 70%
Temperature probably over 35°C

The controller has turned off alone during manual flight (position flight mode)

I restarted it 15mn later and tested again, failed again in same conditions.
Firmware was BRU01200523

Screen sleeptime was 10mn (now changed)
Now last version is installed.

Thanks for your time

ok, so for the bugreport to work i need it run after the device has rebooted. the logs only go back one reboot, so i cant realy use it to look for the restart issue.

as a side note though, i notice some strange data inside the log. and am thinking could you do a factory reset on your hand controller. (no need to use the factory image method), just the standard android factory reset
Settings > backup & reset > factory data reset. - you will need to repair and setup your rc again

ie this doesnt look normal
06-26 07:50:56.253 1405 1454 I ContactLocale: AddressBook Labels [[en_US]]: […, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, Α, Î’, Γ, Δ, Ε, Ζ, Η, Θ, Ι, Κ, Λ, Îœ, Ν, Ξ, Ο, Î , Ρ, Σ, Τ, Î¥, Φ, Χ, Ψ, Ω, …, А, Б, Ð’, Г, Д, Ђ, Е, Є, Ж, З, И, І, Й, Ј, К, Л, Љ, Ðœ, Н, Њ, О, П, Ð , С, Т, Ћ, У, Ф, Ð¥, Ц, Ч, Џ, Ш, Щ, Ю, Я, …, א, ב, ×’, ד, ×”, ו, ×–, ×—, ט, ×™, ×›, ל, מ, × , ס, ×¢, פ, צ, ק, ר, ש, ת, …, ا, ب, ت, Ø«, ج, Ø­, Ø®, د, Ø°, ر, ز, س, Ø´, ص, ض, Ø·, ظ, ع, غ, ف, Ù‚, Ùƒ, Ù„, Ù…, Ù†, Ù‡, Ùˆ, ÙŠ, …, ก, ข, ฃ, ค, ฅ, ฆ, ง, จ, ฉ, ช, ซ, ฌ, ญ, ฎ, ฏ, ฐ, ฑ, ฒ, ณ, ด, ต, ถ, ท, ธ, น, บ, ป, ผ, ฝ, พ, ฟ, ภ, ม, ย, ร, ฤ, ล, ฦ, ว, ศ, ษ, ส, ห, ฬ, อ, ฮ, …, ㄱ, ã„´, ã„·, ㄹ, ㅁ, ã…‚, ã……, ã…‡, ã…ˆ, ã…Š, ã…‹, ã…Œ, ㅍ, ã…Ž, …, あ, か, さ, た, な, は, ま, ã‚„, ら, わ, #, …]
06-26 07:50:55.405 1247 1247 V AppLaunch: packages=[org.mavlink.qgroundcontrol, com.fognl.solextx, 

Ok Michael , i will reset the controller and test.
I will send u a bugreport if the remote fails another time.
Thank you.

also check the android battery usage tab, just to get an idea from in there as well

Hello Michael,
Today i have experienced the same issue another time.
After doing a factory reset, i have completed 6 flights without any problem.

Today , I was flying manually in position mode, after 18mn , i have touched the screen (for map/video switching) and the remote controller has stopped immediatly.
I was running the UAV with normal GPS (no RTK as the first time)
Ipad device was connected to the remote over wifi (reading video stream).

Please, note than the exterior temp was around 30°c, the screen directly exposed to the sun. Same situation that the first time.

Please find attached the BugReport.

Thank you for your (747.2 KB)

I have repeated the same test today, in same conditions and i had the same issue.
Today i have checked the screen temperature.

Air temp : 35°C
Screen temp at take off: 40°
10mn …60° , still working
12 mn…68°, still OK
14mn…70° , the remote control has turned off while touching the screen.

Please find attached a new (734.6 KB)

when are these logs captured?

as you have most likerly guessed. the controller s likely protecting itself from thermal issues.

I executed adb report and pull files a few hours after the flight without turning on the controller before.
Witch is exactly the max temp before security shutdown?
May be its a bit too low value or the sensor has a problem?
Air temp was 35° , it’s hot but not an extrem situation
Have you any suggestion ?
i 'm printing a sunshader , an IR film on the screen might be usefull?

@Michael_Oborne I am facing the same issue as mentioned previously. I am also testing in warm environments, that could be an issue.

Is there any SD card on remote Unit? I face the same issue with SD card. While removing SD card, problem solved.

No SD Card , the problems occurs when the screen temp is over 70°C while touching the screen

ok so i did some investigation. and the most likely cause is actual battery temperature.

if the battery temp is at 60+c the unit will turn off to protect itself. the cpu max temp is much higher. so there is no way around this cutoff, apart from not letting the unit get this hot in the first place, ie no direct sunlight when the ambient temp is 35c

i will add something to log some of the internal cpu’s/battery temp to a log

Ok. Thanks for your investigation. Now i know limits of use .
Thank you for your time

@Michael_Oborne which is the maximum CPU temperature? Would this explain the reboots on the remote site? We were trying the herelink in a climate chamber. With 90ºC CPU temperature is still working, but with 60ºC battery temp. is shutting down.

the unit wont reboot on cpu temp, it will throttle. it will shutdown on battery temp however

Hi @Michael_Oborne ,
thank you so much for the answer.
Regarding the reboot, we could not reproduce this in the climate chamber. We could reproduce the shut down because of overtemperature. Unfortunately the unit making problems stand by one of our clients. Do you know something else regarding this rebooting problems? Old batch?

Regarding the overtemperature shutdown. I installed in the herelink this application:

With this is possible to set an alarm for battery and CPU temperature. I thing such an application should be always integrated in the herelink base image. Are you thinking about something in this direction?

for everyone in this thread, please try the beta herelink update, this should resolve this issue, and was caused by the wifi chip