Herelink with Omnibus F4 Pro


I understand that only FCs from the Cube series are officially supported for Herelink.
I have bought my Cube Orange and I am planning to use it eventually.
However, for testing & learning purposes, I’d like to put things on a Bixler, and I just can’t seem to fit the Cube into that one without making a total mess.
So, understanding that it is not officially an supported FCs, is there any obvious reason why the Herelink would not work with an Omnibus F4 Pro FC?
My understanding is that both SBus input and serial telemetry output are standardised protocols so in principle if it works with the Cube then it might/should work with the F4, right?

Your comments are much appreciated!

No as long as the FC is supported in Ardupilot and it has Sbus and UART it will work.

Thank, @MadRC !
And generally thank you for all your good work, between your comments here and your YT videos, you provide the best info on the Herelink that’s available!