Herelink with QGC and Follow

Hi all,
I need implement function Follow. QGC in Herelink has GPS and knows position of remote unit. I did setup Follow on QGC and one button set for Follow switch on/off.
But it doesn’t work. Could you help me , please? do you have some idea how to set up Follow in Herelink?

@sidbh ? Any ideas?

Hello, I was informed that there is not possible to use Follow Me function in Herelink. Do you have somebody some suggestion how to Follow Me with Herelink together? Or is any possibility that developers will put Follow Me on actual to-do list?
Thank you very much.

Who informed you of that?

@kellyschrock? Follow me?

Hi, I was informed by Alvin from HexAero. See below:
Unfortunately Follow me mode does not work on Herelink yet. If you essentially need this function, please visit the Cubepilot forum to give suggestion to our developers.
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Do you have other experience? I will very appreciate if you can advice me how to do it.
Thank you.

Speaking only for Solex here. If the host Android device doesn’t have a way to report its location, then you won’t be able to use the Follow Me functions in Solex, which utilize the device’s GPS location to tell the vehicle where to go.


Sorry, I an not so good in this. What context has Solex app with Herelink? Herelink Remote control, based on Android and QGC has GPS location and also direct connection to AP via Air unit. So it is only question how to tell UAV where to go and follow Remote control unit. No need Solex. I think.