Herelink with Workswell Wiris Thermal Cameras

(Axel Weckschmied) #1

Has anyone tested the Herelink with a Wiris camera? Tried it wit a Wiris mini, but it doesn‘t work - no Signal. Tested the Wiris mini with HDMI-Monitor and CONNNEX Video transmission system and it works, but not with Herelink :frowning:


Unless our guys can get hands on, it’s hard to figure out why some cameras won’t behave.

(Laurent R.) #3

same for me with WIRIS PRO

(Axel Weckschmied) #4

Try it visit Workswell next time. I will take the Herelink with me to demonstrate Workswell what‘s wrong. If they have no idea how to solve the problem I will recommend Workswell to contact to a Herelink developer directly. Who is the person from the Herelink team that Workswell shall contact?
Workswell have a set of amazing sensors like Wiris and GIS-320 and it would be a great thing if they works well with Herelink. Some of my customers are still waiting for a solution of this issue.


They can contact me, and I will cc in the right people

(Laurent R.) #6

I found a work around/solution for wiris, the signal pass through one box like this one:
No need to power in this configuration but: it take a lot of place in the drone…
Have a nice day.

No image HereLink HDMI 720p (WIRIS PRO)