Herelink with Workswell Wiris Thermal Cameras

Has anyone tested the Herelink with a Wiris camera? Tried it wit a Wiris mini, but it doesn‘t work - no Signal. Tested the Wiris mini with HDMI-Monitor and CONNNEX Video transmission system and it works, but not with Herelink :frowning:

Unless our guys can get hands on, it’s hard to figure out why some cameras won’t behave.

same for me with WIRIS PRO

Try it visit Workswell next time. I will take the Herelink with me to demonstrate Workswell what‘s wrong. If they have no idea how to solve the problem I will recommend Workswell to contact to a Herelink developer directly. Who is the person from the Herelink team that Workswell shall contact?
Workswell have a set of amazing sensors like Wiris and GIS-320 and it would be a great thing if they works well with Herelink. Some of my customers are still waiting for a solution of this issue.

They can contact me, and I will cc in the right people

I found a work around/solution for wiris, the signal pass through one box like this one:
No need to power in this configuration but: it take a lot of place in the drone…
Have a nice day.

Hi Laurent,

We are having the same problem with WIRIS Pro. Could you please share more on how-to? Because the converter you shared was a SCART-to-HDMI, and we cannot find any other video output on WIRIS Pro except HDMI ?


The converter has both input SCART and HDMI.
I use the HDMI input

Didn’t notice it actually has HDMI input. Thank you so much for sharing!

Am I right, I don‘t need power if I use it with Wiris and Herelink? What is the size of this converter?

I believe the answer to your question is in the specifications

Package Dimensions
Length 24 cm
Width 18.20 cm
Height 6 cm
Weight 452 g

We have already talked to Workswell. They told us the HDMI output of WIRIS Pro is 720P and it is not possible to changed it.

I had same problem whit WIRIS Security.

If the herelink can decode the video 720p50fps it will be very useful when combining Wiris camera with Herelink for inspection application.

Maybe this adapter and a raspberry pi is a solution (if they have overcome this restriction: HxDMI input: 1080p25 only (software limitation at this time)) which weights less than 50g:

or this

The second one fits on a zero and if you run is with gstreamer and hardware acceleration it should work fairly well.

just an update to this.
we are testing a new herelink air unit mod that supports 720p video… ie workswell

try this

Hello @Michael_Oborne , can you share the link again? It is not working.

I am trying the connect Wiris 2nd Gen with Herelink 1.1 without success. It says, on the debug messages that the GStreamer has a broken pipe.