Herelink without Flight Controller/Pixhawk

Hi! I’m trying to mount a static globe with a gimbal with this Herelink + Walkera Gimbal 3DH (PWM input) + Sony RX0 with Seagull Map2.
I used a SBUS to PWM converter (this one) because I don’t need a flight controller, I only need camera and gimbal control, but I’m having issues connecting with the Solex App and QGroundControl.

I can see my HDMI output and pairing is correct because so, but it doesn’t connect any “vehicle” in the main screen of Solex. In two previous topics about this in the forum, the response was that “it was possible with a SBUS converter” but maybe I’m missing something in the Solex config?

Also, as I don’t need to control any motors, is there someway to control the gimbal with the joysticks so I don’t have to use the very hard wheel?

And a final question (sorry to bother too much), the Seagull manual, defines a minimal output on the servo but in Solex I can only define the output value.

Thank you in advance! Herelink is a very promising product

You should be able to just use channel 1-4 for the gimbal. Are you sure the s.bus to PWM converter works as expected?