Herelink + X8 Drone Anomaly in flight

Hi all, I have no idea how to use or read or access the logs, but I am able to attach them here… I would really appreciate any input from those who can read these logs. I am using QGround Control through the herelink, NO external remote controllers or receivers besides the herelink straight to my flight controller by SBUS, as well as my camera attached to herelink by HDMI. I was testing the altitude and position modes today, and I believe it was in position mode (the second log, 00_54_55.ulg) when I yawed left while also moving left then stopped. The drone seemed to dip down on (i think) its front right side, then recovered. But it didnt sound or look like something that should happen.

I was going to tune the drone today using autotune but was not able to pull up the autotune in the tuning settings in QGC. I have not been able to tune the drone in any way except the hover throttle for stabilized mode, which I did not use today (to my knowledge I stayed in altitude mode in my first flight, landed and disarmed, then changed to position mode for the second flight and then landed and disarmed after the anomaly).

Thank you so much in advance, id really like to figure this issue out before my next test flight next week!

First flight (altitude mode) should be 00_54_03, and second flight (position mode) should be 00_54_55.

Side note: My gimbal with bluetooth was on the drone and turned on, stabilizing my blackmagic micro cinema camera (BMMCC) which does not have bluetooth or wifi of any kind. I was not connected to my gimbal via bluetooth with my phone at any point today, and no other part on the drone or otherwise was connected to the gimbal via bluetooth. Im just mentioning that it has bluetooth capability.

Update: Link to the Flight Review im looking at:

00_54_55.ulg (1.8 MB) 00_54_03.ulg (1.9 MB)

Update: I have found a way to upload my log online for px4 readings and I dont know what it all means exactly but I have noticed a sharp spike in all the data right before the 2:15 time mark and I believe that is when it happened. Hope that is helpful.

Estimated and setpoint of pitch and yaw weren’t that inconsistent, which means the movement were meant to, maybe by the system.

It could be a automatic generated motion to cancel out the momentum from previous motion. But you may post your log to PX4 forum to get better explanation.

The log just doesn’t seem to be having any hardware problem to me.

I somewhat understand what you’re saying, but I will definitely take it as good news. I will consider posting to PX4 perhaps for peace of mind, but im very glad to hear your opinion!

What concerned me was stuff with “magnetic interference” and such further down in the data. Maybe that was normal

If you’re not using external GNSS, it could be the case as internal mag is closer to electronic interference from autopilot itself.

I am using a GPS module mounted about 6 inches above all my electronics (excluding batteries). It is near my 16000mah 6s batteries, which are about 2 inches below the module.

Then the spacing should be fine

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