Herelink ? yuneec h 520

hi i wanted to know if rc herelink is compatible with drone yuneec h 520? thank you

I believe the 520 is based on PX4 and Mavlink to technically yes but it would need some integration.

It’s not plug and play and you would have to find Sbus input and telem connection.

It’s not compatible from a wireless point of view with the internal receiver via Wifi.

Also getting camera feed it not going to be as simple as connect and work.

can you help me how to do it ?

This is not as simple as saying just do this or that.

It’s technically possible to have some form of communication as it’s running custom PX4 however there is literally no info out there and the Yuneec developer site also appears to be gone for me.

There may not ever be a way to get Sbus in and video will not connect to HDMI so you would have to use an external camera.

Basically this all theory and would take a lot of bench investigation and testing, it’s something I have thought about before but with out having a craft on the bench to mess with it’s not been possible.

Potentially it would be just as easy to rip out the bird and put a cube in anyways.