HerePro can't exit Maintenance State

I have been trying to update the GPS output rate of my herepro. When I first stated using the herepro, it did not show on the DroneCAN/UAVCAN page. I could still use the GPS/IMU, but I was unable to change any settings.

In the process of attempting to switch from 2Hz to 10 Hz, the Herepro shows up on the DroneCAN/UAVCAN page, but always in maintenance state with OK health. I can upload firmware using Mission Planner and DroneCAN GUI without error, but it never exists this state.

Does anyone know how to return the Herepro to Operational state? I have included images below. I find it odd the software version shows 0 so I suspect there is no firmware being loaded. Can anyone show me the proper firmware version for the Herepro alpha version?