Herepro maximum satellite count

Hi @philip @sidbh

I just wanted to know how much maximum satellite count HEREPRO will obtain in clear sky and open environment?

Two HEREPRO I am using it for GPS for yaw configuration. GPS1 is obtained 20 satellites Hdop - 0.6 GPS2 is obtained 17 satellite with Hdop -0.6.

The observation time period is around 45minutes in open sky environment. It never raised satellite count as mentioned above.

CUAV 9Ps GNSS used same Ublox chip with helical antenna which maximum satellite count achieved is 32 always within 2 minutes in same environment.
This is not about product comparison just wanted to know that it’s because of antenna difference between the units.

this is a setting that you need to configure to enable all the constellations on the herepro. by default some are disabled

Thanks for the reply @Michael_Oborne

Can you guide me to enable all constellations . Here pro manual on the document pages doesn’t explain this .

you need to change
via the dronecan config screen
use this as a template

but change GPS_GNSS_MODE to 127


i have Changed the GPS_GNSS_MODE = 127 on both default it was 0 on both HEREPRO why?
Screenshot 2024-07-12 101548

after i changed to 127 HerePRO obtained maximum of 27 satellites on GPS1 and 25 Satellite on GPS2. is that the MAXIMUM satellite count it can obtain?

on MP HUD screen GPS1 Still 3DFix it will turn to 3DGPS?

What’s the Hacc and Vacc? That matter more than sat count

Yes I agree 100% with your point the accuracy is the main regardless of Satellite count.
As I already told in the top post it’s just want to know the reason behind it.

Today I had another test with open sky the GPS1 obtained 29 and GPS2 obtained only 24 max.
Similarly CUAV RTK 9Ps which is same Ublox ZED -F9P both the gps obtained 32 satellites.

Note: HEREPRO when operating as a single unit both obtained almost 31 .

Then it’s lack of power. Use good power supply.

Both the HEREPRO powered by two independent 12V power supply.i think HEREPRO voltage rating is 6v -40v.

Its well enough within the range only.

Noise in supply at higher loads can also cause this.

What is the expected maximum current consumption of Herepro?

You can measure using a multimeter and report it. Seems it’s not mentioned anywhere.