HerePro RTK Setup Trouble


I have been attempting to setup a HerePro as an RTK ground station for a Here4 and or a here3+, but have met myself at an impass with the setup procedures. I am kindly requesting some assistance.

Following the manual, I began setup and completed the following steps…

  • Connected to Cube+ Can1 and provided 24V from power supply. (Manual said 4pin left-hand side can port of HerePro, but they are on top and bottom side??)

  • Modified these parameters on the Cube.
    CAN_P1_DRIVER: 1
    CAN_P2_DRIVER: 1
    GPS_TYPE: 9
    NTF_LED_TYPES: 231
    GPS_TYPE = 22

  • Modified these parameters via Mavlink Can1 after updating the firmware to lates stable version.
    GPS_TYPE = 1
    SERIAL_PASS1 = 0

I can verify these parameters are saved after rebooting

Note: My Herepro appears to only show as a single COM port not two as shown in manual.
Note: Could not find GPS_RTCMSOURCE

Base Module Setting RTK/GPS Inject
Now connecting to the HerePro vis usb-c (still connected to external 24 power supply)…
Baud 38400
Send GGA Checked
UBLOC M8P/F9P Checked
M8P fw 130+/F9P

Input data rate does not exceed 20 bps and the GPS fails to locate itself with any constellation (outside and clear of obstructions).

Here are the param files of the Cube and HerePro…

Hi @STobe There was a missing step in the documentation, it is fixed now: HerePro Manual | CubePilot