Hero 4 gopro and herelink

has anyone noticed the loss of support for hero 4 gopro in the latest update on herelink? bought a used hero 4 because it was cheap and listed as compatible worked fine with absolutely no problems… then i updated the herelink to the newest firmware and no more video…

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We have issues too with a previously working configuration (not a GoPro). Others have them too.

Sorry, but @Michael_Oborne, any ideas about that?

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yeah its ridiculous I’m really starting to think i wasted my money on this system every update is an issue. and no one even remotely tries to help.

please provide some bugreports.

i have tested with a hero 4 pluged into hdmi1, and it works fine.

Worked fine for me to until the last update… how do I retrieve the bug report?

I got it to work on input 2…… why does that matter? It use to work fine on input 1…. Is there a difference between these inputs?

Please try to replicate the problem and generate a bug report right after.

Just updated firmware and have a Hero 3 and Hero 4 working on both HDMI inputs on the airunit. Doesn’t seem to be any problems here


If Herelink works with GoPro hero 4, can anyone update the topic “Herelink - Compatible camera list” please? @Michael_Oborne

How did you connect to airlink unit . Go Pro Hero 4 does not have a HDMI port

Yes, GoPro 4 does have HDMI output.

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