High Loss Rates

I’ve been doing some testing with different setups and seem to consistently see loss rates in the 40-60% range which, according to QGroundControl, is beyond the stable connection threshold of 10%.

My setups have ranged from custom PCBs and aftermarket antennas back to whats seen in the image with everything stock.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?
If you have, did you find a remedy?

Could you please explain a little more about your tests? At what distance of tx separation? Environmental noise? etc.

I’ve noticed it with every setup I’ve put together. Multiple different Herelink pairs, different flight controllers (Cube (Orange and Black) and Pix32), and different antenna setups. I have also seen it at different locations and tx distances (Right next to each other and over longer distances (~100 meters)). Everything I can think of changing out I have, the only thing left would be settings I believe.

I have the same behavior. Flights are normal though.

Flights work for me too, though I do see the telemetry stuttering, along with the control input. It all works just rather choppy. The video also comes through in not so great quality and I often see tearing of the image.