High oscillations and vibes while landing

Hi all,
I was flying my drone today it seems to be fine in alt hold and loiter mode.But when ever i do the RTL mode while landing oscillations came into picture. I have tested landing thing in alt hold mode but while decreasing height the drone become unstable and oscillations induced. It was really bad. Hopefully i didn’t crash. I am unable to understand what i am missing.
i am attaching the log file for the same. Need guidance.

oscillation log

@Michael_Oborne @philip @sidbh

updated log link is mention below. Please guide.


Any video ?

no video

looks like a tuning issue

what compass setup are you running?

a change of almost 100 is not normal.


Here 2 (as an external compass)
I have done the changes and fly the drone. It was flying fine but while descending it un-stabilize lesser as compared to previous in 1 out of 4 lights. So I try auto-tuning and did it yesterday. It was flying fine and I have tested a few flights of 80m altitude.
Today I tried the same I fly it at 120m altitude and then RTL it, the frame was stable with vibes. Then I reboot the system and did a takeoff, then it suddenly oscillates and crashed.

Below is the Bin file attached for both flights
120 m altitude flying

crash at takeoff after 120 m flight

Guidance required.

@Michael_Oborne @sidbh @philip @Julien

Please guide

Can you describe your setup and list every parts (pictures are welcome)